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Getting to The Wave 

Getting to The Wave can typically be done via car but there are always risks in doing so.   

  • During the rainy season, Buckskin wash may have water or be flooded. (See below)

  • Car Rental companies have strict policies against off-road use and any signs of mud under the car could result in big fees.

  • Using your personal vehicle may save you a little money now, but the abuse done to suspension, seals, and transmission components you could be paying for years to come. 

When muddy the road to The Wave (House Rock Valley Rd) can be very difficult and possibly impassable for Sedans, AWDs, and even some 4x4. Our Jeeps are equipped with Mud Terrain tires which allow for much easier travel over these conditions.

Many guide services will claim the road to be dangerous when muddy. Getting stuck is not dangerous, getting stranded could be without supplies, but with us, you don't have to worry.  A 2-way GPS communication system will allow you to let us know if you need help. 
But with our well-equipped Jeeps, you'll likely never need that GPS communication.

If traveling in the mud DO NOT deflate Mud Terrain tires for traction.  This is only moderately useful for all-terrain and street tires.  Mud Terrain tires are developed to work through the mud to a harder surface. Deflating tires causes them to "float" surfaces, which defeats the purpose of the mud tire.

Please message or call us for current road conditions. 

We have vehicles out there daily. 

Some Pictures of the road to The Wave during muddy conditions are below. 

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