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White Pocket

Still somewhat of a hidden gem, a dreamland of colors and rock formations.

White Pocket is similar to but much larger than the well known The Wave formation in the nearby Coyote Buttes. There are amazing layers of rock in varied colors. A playground for photographers who find an infinite variety of compositions and spectacular light. White Pocket is considerably larger than The Wave, visitation is not limited by lottery at this point, and camping is permitted at the site.

This site is a farther off road travel and does require 4 wheel drive and high clearance. Because of this you will find far fewer people and crowds.

Camping is also permitted but please be respectful. The popularity of White Pocket is leading to impacts in the form of exposed human waste and toilet paper, excessive campfire rings, and vegetation damage. Please do your part to keep these areas clean and natural. If you camp in the area, use existing campsites, and keep them small. Bury human waste 6” deep, and well away from the campsite. Pack out all your trash, including food scraps and toilet paper. To minimize impact, do not damage trees or collect firewood.


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